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Interesting Initial Public Offering of The Coca Cola Company and its Worldwide Affiliate Units

from: Forsgrens

“The pause that refreshes.”

“Always the Real Thing.”

Still remember who frequently uses such slogans for their advertisement over the years?

Is there anybody in this world that doesn’t know about Coca Cola?

Probably, even the settlers at the wild areas of the Safari and the rest of the African nation got the taste of this famous carbonated drink that now counts 120 years and is still counting. Even the Eskimos, “polar bears”, and “penguins” are drinking ice-cold Coca Cola despite of the extreme cold conditions on the North Pole (that is according to their television and billboard advertisements).

Coca Cola, or commonly know in different tongues as “Coke”, is the most famous and popular carbonated drink around the world. The Coca Cola Company (the corporate organization behind the manufacturing and distribution of Coca Cola drinks around the world and has its main headquarters situated in Atlanta, Georgia) was founded by Asa Candler. His legacy was continued by his successors and eventually made Coca Cola drinks as a major carbonated drink in the United States and later around the world.

Through the years, The Coca Cola Company introduced varieties of their soft drink products under the Coca Cola brand name. There you have the low-calorie Diet Coke and the sweet and delicious Cherry Coke. It had gone different issues, such as the secret formula of Coke drink production (which allegedly contained trace amounts of cocaine, which was removed when health regulations were tightened in 1902), various negative effects of Coca Cola drinks to the body, and commercial rivalry with other carbonated drink manufacturer such as Pepsi.

Nevertheless, Coca Cola had gone through different issues yet they stand still and prove to be one of the longest-running and well-established carbonated drink manufacturers and distributors not only in the United States but also around the world.

However, there is one thing that we have missed throughout the course of Coca Cola history. And that is, they have also undergone the initial public offering just like any other major and multinational companies around the world.

Initial public offering involves the first or initial sale of the corporation’s common shares to the public in the hope of raising additional revenues for the corporation. If you will apply in on the case of Coca Cola, the worldwide manufacturing and distribution of their carbonated drink products is the result of their IPO, which happened in 1919. A single share of Coca Cola is worth $40 dollars, yet the market value of their shares suddenly crashed to $19 per common share in 1920 (when they have undergone a secondary market offering).

Despite of such crash in the market value of their common shares, Coca Cola managed to survive and extend operations to different regions around the world, particularly within the Asian and European regions. Different corporate entities later on affiliated with Coca Cola to further boost their revenue generation capabilities. However, just like their mother company, different Coca Cola affiliate companies have also undergone IPO, one of which is the Coca Cola Icecek, the affiliate company of Coca Cola in Turkey.

Coca Cola Icecek, which had a 59% share of the local carbonated drinks market in Turkey in 1993 and has an average annual turnover of one billion lira ($740 million), had plans of going into the public. In fact, they have asked permission from the Capital Markets Board (the central regulatory agency for IPO) for an IPO worth 20.16 percent of their total company shares. According to Tuncay Ozilhan, the chairman of the Turkish Coca Cola unit, they hoped for a “green light signal” from the Board at the end of May or start of June 2006 to launch their IPO, which was postponed for several times already. In 2004, Anadolu Efes, the owner of the 45.6 percent share of Coca Cola Icecek, had appointed Credit Suisse First Boston to revive the IPO, yet it was postponed twice.

Whatever happens to the IPO filed by its affiliate companies around the world, Coca Cola will always be the soft drink we want to stay in our refrigerators.

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