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Initial Public Offering Made Netscape the Leading Web Browser Company in the 20th Century

from: Forsgrens

Bulky text documents, cassette tapes, video home system (VHS) tapes, or even digital video discs (DVDs) as well as other items of information can be stored in a single webpage or a website on the World Wide Web and can be accessed with the use of a web browser.

That is the power of Internet technology—the storage as well as the access of various items of information can be done by just having an Internet-connected personal computer.

You don’t need to carry VHS tapes or DVDs to watch your favorite movies over your friend’s home theater system. Just upload it on a webpage and you can access it directly to your friend’s computer system especially if it is hooked on the Internet.

In the same manner, you can listen to your favorite music without the need for several audio compact discs (CDs) or cassette tapes and a music player. All you need is a compatible multimedia speaker connected to your personal computer system and you can download different audio files and play it directly to your built-in audio/video media player.

Probably you are familiar with the respective functions of your personal computer system. If your PC unit is hooked on the Internet, you frequently used a computer software application that you used to have an access over different items of information which is called the web browser. In computer system application, it refers to a software application that enables you to display and interact with images, text documents, audio and video files, and other pieces of information stored on a webpage or a website within the World Wide Web or even in the LAN or the local area network.

In other words, your web browser allows you to access information provided by different webpage within many websites through hyperlinks.

There are different web browsers available for your PC unit, some of which are Internet Explorer (Microsoft) and the Mozilla Firefox (Mozilla Corporation). Of course, who would ever forget the first web browsers during the early years of the World Wide Web in computer system application, which is the Netscape?

Netscape is the web browser owned and developed by the former Netscape Communications Corporation, which was dominant before with regards to usage share (the percentage of web visitors to a group of websites that uses a particular browser). However, because of the browser wars, Netscape lost much of their user base in terms of usage share area. It leads to the existence of the company within the span of 9 years (from 1994 to 2003) and later on became the subsidiary of the America On Line (AOL).

The glorious years of Netscape started when it completed its initial public offering on April 1994, barely 16 months after the company’s founding. The first issuance of their common shares to the public became the most remarkable step that they have made within the first few months of the company’s operation. Because of the IPO, they grew faster than any other software company in the history. Their initial market value rose to $1 billion as against any other software companies whose market value were just around $200 million to $300 million. In addition, they had enough cash to compensate most of their expenses.

In other words, Netscape’s first initial public offering helped them in another way to became one of the successful software companies during the 20th century.

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