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Initial Public Offering Article

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Understanding the Initial Public Offering of Stock Lingo

from: Forsgrens


It is a three letter acronym that has insignificant meaning to English critics (since it does not suggest any idea at all at first glance), yet a golden opportunity for investors in raising the working capital of their business. What is IPO, its attributes, and its implication to the business community (Investors have the interest to the subject; never mind the English critics)?

IPO is commonly known within the walls of the business community as “initial public offering”. At first glance, you will not have any idea of what it means, and what it is for. The English critics are right: IPO or even initial public offering does not suggest anything of importance to the English grammar. However, we are not talking about grammar here. We are talking about BUSINESS and CAPITAL.

Initial public offering refers to the initial sale of a company’s common stocks to the public. When you say “initial sale”, it is the first sale of the common stocks. Therefore, any later sale of common stocks after the IPO process will now be referred to as a secondary market offering. So the next time you will be able to meet a company that offers you a secondary market offering on their common stocks, you can presume that company already undergone an initial public offering of their common stocks.

What are the attributes of IPO? Let us take a look on the lingo that is used when company goes public:

• Underwriters- these individuals or groups does not “write under the paper’ or any literal meaning. In IPO, it refers to a group of investment banks that will offer the common stocks for sale on interested investors.

• Syndicate- definitely, there are no criminals involved in the process. Syndicate here refers to a group of major investment banks that underwrite the IPO of multinational companies. In other words, “syndicate” and “underwriters” refers to the same group of investment banks. The only difference is the former underwrites large IPOs while the latter underwrites small and medium-sized IPOs.

• Securities Act of 1993- this Act serves as the governing rules and regulation of IPO process. It is also known as the “Truth in Securities Act” which has two primary objectives: (1) the investors must receive financial and other essential information concerning securities being offered for sale to the public, and (2) rule out deceit, misinterpretations, and other forms of fraud in the public sale of such securities.

• Prospectus- it contains the overview of the company’s history, finances, industry background, and other related information. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is tasked to scrutinize every IPO prospectus that will be attached on every offer of common stock for sale.

• Gun-Jumping- no Beretta jumps around the process. It refers to the prohibition applied to the issuer (the company that sells common stocks) and underwriters regarding any kind of public offering.

• Free Riding- it refers to the stocks offered to the public for sale through various ways. This is the period where the underwriters will now be on function.

Understanding the initial public offering lingo will definitely help you appreciate it. So the next time you will come across the term IPO, you already know what it is and you will be able to understand news concerning the IPO process.

Remember, this is not a grammar subject. It is all the subject of BUSINESS and CAPITAL.

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